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Al Tejada

Market Director, Atlanta


Al Tejada, a seasoned professional in marketing and media, currently serves as the Market Director in Atlanta. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Al's journey from Queens, NY, to the bustling city of Atlanta spans over 25 years. ​ Originally hailing from Queens, Al pursued his undergraduate education at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Following his graduation, what began as a summer visit to Atlanta blossomed into a permanent residence. During his tenure in Atlanta, Al made significant contributions to the field of broadcast media, spending 12 years collaborating with the Atlanta Braves Network. His passion for storytelling and engaging audiences propelled him through various roles within the industry. In 2012, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire for innovation, Al embarked on a new adventure, founding his own marketing agency. Over the ensuing decade, he led his agency to success, delivering impactful campaigns and strategies for diverse clientele. ​ Beyond his professional endeavors, Al finds solace and joy in his roles as a dedicated father to five daughters. Family time is cherished, often filled with shared meals, laughter, and exploration through travel. An avid runner, Al finds fulfillment in pushing his physical boundaries, culminating in his recent completion of the 2023 NYC Marathon. His commitment to fitness mirrors his drive for excellence in all aspects of life. ​ Now, as he sets his sights on rejoining the dynamic world of real estate, Al Tejada's wealth of experience, entrepreneurial acumen, and passion for community engagement position him as a valuable asset in shaping Atlanta's vibrant market landscape.

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