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Standardized Operating Procedures for NY Brokerages

Effective Date:

Standardized Operating Procedures for Prospective Homebuyers in Order to Receive Services from Concierge Auctions LLC:

  • There is no general requirement to provide photo identification prior to working with us. However, prior to entry to a Concierge Auctions LLC office, customers and clients may be required to present photo identification pursuant to the building’s security policies or pursuant to applicable local government requirements. Also, individual property owners (or their listing agents) may require photo identification prior to a showing, and we will communicate this information to buyers in advance of such showing.
  • An exclusive buyer representation agreement is not required; however all prospective buyers are required to complete a bidder registration package for each property they wish to bid on.
  • A pre-approval for a mortgage loan is required to work with us for any buyers who require financing to pay for the property they wish to purchase at auction. In addition, proof of funds is required for all buyers in order to participate in a property auction.

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