Concierge Auctions
Buy your next home through real estate auction company, Concierge Auctions.


Agent Commissions, Earned

We are and additional agent tool for high-end listings and have never auctioned a property without a listing agent. We help agents bring the market, not chase it.

Born out of the luxury real estate industry, our approach combines the benefits of traditional brokerage with the added value of an auction. Auctions build interest and competition for real estate in a finite time period, just as they do for expensive artwork, wine, and cars.

Agent Referral Program

We invite agent involvement from all sides—seller, buyer, and referrals. There are five ways in the Concierge Auctions process that agents can earn with us.

Represent a Seller

Any time a listing agent brings a seller to auction and the auction closes, the agent receives his/her full commission based on the final sale price and agreement with the seller.

Represent a Winning Bidder

Any time an agent brings a bidder to auction and the property sells to this client, the agent receives his/her full commission (or referral) based on the final sale price.

Receive a Seller Referral

When a potential seller comes to us without an agent, we refer the homeowner or buyer to one of our Preferred Agents. Moreover, every auction has bidders who do not win. For listing agents on those sales, Concierge Auctions will refer all unrepresented losing bidders to him/her. Further, agents will gain Preferred Agent Status with Concierge Auctions.

Receive a Bidder Referral

When a potential bidder comes to us without an agent, we refer the buyer to one of our Preferred Agents. Further, agents will gain Preferred Agent Status with Concierge Auctions.

Refer a Property to Auction

If an agent has a colleague who is struggling to sell a property listed as $1M or above, and he/she refers them to Concierge Auctions and the property successfully sells at auction, the referring agent will get paid a referral fee of 0.5% of the auction gavel price.

Our Preferred Agent Program

Partnering with agents

Our founders got their start in the brokerage community, and we have never auctioned a property without a listing agent. We understand the value this network brings in terms of experience and local market knowledge. Between us, the agent, and you, this partnership is a win-win-win for everyone.

What is a Preferred Agent?

A Preferred Agent is knowledgeable about our platform and many have transacted with us on one-of-a-kind homes like yours, representing both buyers and sellers. These agents fall into three classifications:

  • Silver Agent: is knowledgeable about our auction process
  • Gold Agent: has experience working with buyers and and understanding of the bidding process
  • Diamond Agent: has represented one or more luxury owners with their auction property sale

How can a Preferred Agent help me?

As a seller, our Preferred Agents have extensive experience in your market and the leverage of an influential professional and personal network. As a buyer, a local Preferred Agent can assist with bidding strategies and provide comparable real estate sales and local market knowledge.

Find a Preferred Agent

Become a Preferred Agent

Keep Your Listings

Never lose a listing again. Our Preferred Agents educate their sellers about the auction opportunity in the early stages of their relationship. By offering a 60-day sales option to their traditional listing approach, they expand their likelihood for success by leveraging Concierge Auctions' global marketing campaigns and vetted network of qualified ultra-luxury buyers.

Expand Your Earnings

Earn commissions when working with your clients, just like you would on a traditional transaction. In addition, share our Auction Alert® opportunities with your database. There's no cost to you, and if someone from your mailing list is the winning bidder on any of our global auctions, you earn a handsome referral fee — even if they're not in your market.

Grow Your Database

Concierge Auctions introduces new avenues in promoting yourself nationally and internationally to develop additional networks of high net-worth prospects. Each auction offers multiple opportunities to meet and socialize with motivated buyers and sellers that are a perfect fit for a traditional purchase or sale. Our Preferred Agents are skilled at selling other properties to buyers generated from our auction opportunities.