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Kate Parova

Market Director, Florida


Kate Parova is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning hairstyling, retail, hospitality, photography, and modeling. Currently serving as the Market Director for Florida, Kate thrives in her role, leveraging her innate passion for people and her knack for forging connections. ​ Born and raised in Ukraine, Kate spent a decade honing her skills as a hairstylist before venturing into entrepreneurship, establishing her own successful beauty studio. Upon relocating to the United States, she delved into luxury boutique retail, mastering the art of customer service and sales. Her journey then led her through the hospitality industry, where she excelled as a waitress, hostess, and front desk manager, gaining invaluable insights into client relations. However, it was in the realm of photography where Kate discovered her true calling. Over the past five years, she has immersed herself in the world of fashion photography, fueled by her passion for capturing fleeting moments on her retro film camera. Kate's keen eye for detail and creative vision have earned her acclaim in the field, allowing her to blend her love for aesthetics with her natural talent for storytelling. ​ Beyond her professional endeavors, Kate finds immense joy in her personal life. A devoted wife and mother to a vibrant 5-year-old daughter, she cherishes moments spent with her family, whether it's traveling to scenic destinations, indulging in their favorite movies, or embarking on wild tent camping adventures devoid of electricity and internet. Their annual pilgrimage to Lake George, NY, holds a special place in her heart, symbolizing her deep connection to nature and the great outdoors. ​ Indeed, Kate is a fervent advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability, embracing a lifestyle centered around nature and recycling. Her affinity for the Atlantic Ocean and the balmy climate of Florida serves as a constant source of inspiration and rejuvenation. An extroverted soul with an insatiable thirst for human connection, Kate thrives in her role as Market Director, where she relishes the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life. Whether she's attending events, meeting clients face-to-face, or engaging in lively conversations over the phone, Kate's infectious energy and genuine warmth leave a lasting impression on everyone she encounters. ​ Real Estate Licenses: Florida: SL3569210, Concierge Auctions, LLC

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