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All about Connections @ #ICSF

Jul 24, 2014

Last week was one of connections. Of discovering new technologies and inspiration. Of meeting new friends and catching up with oldies. This, all in one of the most forward-thinking and hip (albeit cloudy while there) cities in the nation. Where? Inman Connect San Francisco, aka #ICSF.

First and foremost, a big “thank you” is due to Brad Inman and the rest of the Inman team. For those of you who don’t know Inman News (really?), think real estate, innovation, technology and journalism. An organization that offers news and information to better the real estate industry. One that identifies and exposes thought leaders. That seeks to match anyone who raises their hand with others who will add value to them and their business. To foster connections and make forward-thinking excitement contagious.

I have so many takeaways from the event — so many more than I could mention in a blog post – but I’ll highlight a few that were “all the buzz” around the crowds. Based on the #ICSF Twitter feed, here from some of my favorite Tweeters.

Lots of recent mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the tech space. One of the most talked-about, with potential to shake up to the entire industry, was Realogy’s purchase of ZIP Realty:

Sherry Chris‏ (@sherrychris): Alex Perriello takes the stage at #icsf to talk about ZIP Realty acquisition – we are excited! #BHGRE cc: @Realogy 

Back to basics and simplicity. Even in the midst of new technologies, we need to maintain a personal, high-touch and be relatable:

Debra Trappen (‏@debra11): “real estate is not a transaction business, it’s a relationship business” –@bevthorne #ICSF#agentrb 

Real estate can learn from surfing. Sidenote: I was totally bummed dude (in surfer speak), to miss this presentation by the innovative, passionate, energized Matt Beall of Hawaii Life. Can’t wait to watch the video!:

Rosemary Buerger‏ (@rosebuerger): Don’t drop in~ don’t take someone else’s stuff. Be your own kind of original. Look out for one another and don’t drop in @mattbeall#ICSF 

Your website needs a revamp (yes, yours — most likely, that is). Think new and fresh. Less clutter. Eliminate the noise. Marc Davison, Brian Boero and Joel Burslem from 1000WattConsulting re-designed an entire real estate brokerage website in 24 hours. That’s right — 24 hours. The result: a beautiful, simplistic, streamlined experience, merging a 100-year-old brand with a crisp, clean design [view & read more here]. And, Marc offered valuable insight about brand creation and continued creative success. This guy is the best of the best. An unmatched mind I’ve learned so much from over the past 4 years and am lucky to call ‘friend’:

Brian Langhorst‏ (@BrianLanghorst): How to build your brand:”Try everything. Don’t grind. Say no to clients that aren’t the right fit. Stay scared.” @1000wattmarc #icsf 

Women in business. The continued, albeit slow, rise (with persistence and empowerment). And, my fave new hashtag:

Katie Lance‏ (@katielance): My opinion – most women don’t ask to be onstage. They wait to be asked. My 2 cents? Stop waiting! #successinadress #icsf

In addition to seeing some great speakers, I took the stage too! In a couple different ways.

Inman Connect San Francisco - Laura Brady of Concierge AuctionsI was pleased to participate in the Luxury Power Players Panel on Friday morning, alongside Liz Caldwell of The Liz Caldwell Group of EWM Realty International, Marti Gallardo of Wall Street Journal, and Tony Sargent of NYC’s Core Group Marketing. The panel was moderated by Jennifer Berman Holt of Hilton & Hyland, who did a fabulous job of preparing us and prompting us with energizing commentary. It was a fun group, and, not surprisingly, I received more compliments about that on-stage discussion than my Thursday night karaoke performance at the Real Estate Webmasters after-party (singing back-up to Andrew “Opie” Opfer of RUHM Destination Marketing). A key learning: I’ll stick to my day job, rather than my Journey vocals (although, I never say “never”).

Until next time, friends.

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