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Concierge Auctions is, without a doubt, the smartest way to buy and sell the world’s most unique, high-end properties. Our proven, market-based model aggregates demand, expands the market, and identifies value in real time.

The Concierge solution provides a win-win-win for buyers, sellers and agents. Our buyers are the first to know of the best opportunities available and only have to pay what the property is worth on auction day. The bidders name the price. Period.

Our process enables sellers to take control. They set the timeline, and we unveil qualified bidders. We know these potential buyers. We know what makes them tick, and we know how to make them move — literally.

For agents, we offer an accelerated sales solution and increased marketing power. Innovative agents understand that our partnership commands global exposure, fuels urgency, and drives transactions.

Since 2008 we have quickly become the dominant player in the luxury auctions sector and have successfully closed over a half-billion dollars in luxury properties, with $194 million contracted in 2013 alone — at an average price of $5.4 million. Our business has spanned the globe, domestically from New York to Hawaii, and abroad from Fiji to Toronto and the Bahamas.

Great Minds. Great Vision. The Perfect Team.

Laura Brady

Laura Brady,
Founder & President

We can only assume Laura’s nickname, “Doctor,” comes from the fact that she’s wicked smart. After rising to be one of the nation’s top-selling luxury agents before she even broke 30, Laura foresaw the market decline and wasn’t afraid to take action. Her success has led her to be featured by CNBC, Bloomberg, the FT, the WSJ and more. Other life accomplishments include testing out of college Calculus and raising twin girls.

Chad Roffers

Chad Roffers,

Wine, travel and warm sunny places? Chad’s in. Need to negotiate with him on the other side of a deal? We feel bad for you. He cut his teeth negotiating high-stakes partnerships and investments with companies such as AOL Time Warner, Palm Computing, AT&T and Yahoo while serving as the Director of Business Development at US WEST.

Mike Russo - Luxury real estate auctions executive

Mike Russo,
Executive VP of Sales

We have a prodigy among us. Not only does Mike drive the Concierge ship with passion and finesse, he also started writing code in the fourth grade. Mike’s career in real estate runs deep as a former VP of Cendant and early broker owner at Sotheby’s International Realty. When not leading us to success, Mike is known to flex some skills in home demolition and remodeling work.

Frank Trunzo

Frank Trunzo,
Head Auctioneer

“Going… Going… Gone.” As Concierge’s head auctioneer, Frank is the closer. The momentum builder. The gavel pounder. A world champion auctioneer, as named by the National Auctioneers Association, Frank has conducted over 3500 auctions in his career. He calls bids like nobody’s business, but if you want to get him talking away from the mic, ask him about home-brewed coffee or his love of music.

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran,
Strategic Advisor

One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, Barbara’s repertoire ranges from author, speaker and television personality to Concierge Auctions advisor. She co-founded the preeminent New York real estate firm, The Corcoran Group, grew it to an enterprise worth $66 million at the time she sold to NRT Incorporated, and today stars as one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank.

Jim Aiello - Concierge Auctions Strategic Advisor

Jim Aiello,
Strategic Advisor

A Cum Laude graduate of Harvard University, there’s no denying Jim is a wiz. His knowledge of finance, investments and real estate are top-notch, with prior experience ranging from CFO and finance liason with Citigroup – Salomon Smith Barney Investment Management to founding and managing a number of residential real estate private equity funds.

VP of Marketing, real estate auction company

Krystal Aeby,
VP of Marketing

Krystal always gets the final word – as in, we trust her wordsmithing more than most. Her experience as a business magazine editor and also as a restaurateur also makes us trust her taste. She’s all in with all that she does – even when that means whipping up an apple pie at a moment’s notice.

Mario Vargas, VP Concierge Auctions real estate auction company

Mario Vargas,
VP of Client Services

Mario is a people person, and he likes a good challenge almost as much as he likes Thanksgiving and football. As a man with many lives, he was perplexed when we asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He’s into music, wall painting (well, mostly just peeling off the blue tape when it’s all done) and loving his job.

Rita Critelli - VP of Administration for Concierge Auction luxury real estate auction company

Rita Critelli,
VP of Administration

After 26 years on Wall Street, Rita packed up the fast-paced life and prepared for a year off. She joined Concierge after only four months. When not working or traveling, Rita can be found channeling Pat Benatar in her favorite sing-along tune, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Though obviously talented at management, Rita secretly dreams of becoming a marine biologist or forensic scientist and living the life in Italy.

Jeff Castner, real estate auction company business development

Jeff Castner,
Director of Client Services

Despite the fact that Jeff absolutely loves his job and the people of Concierge Auctions, he’s admitted that he will in fact miss a meeting for the birth of his first child. After his first gig cutting grass, Jeff went on to help small businesses with business planning, then jumped feet first into real estate where he spent a decade selling franchises for some of the top brands in the industry.

Steve Doyscher, real estate auction company director of digital marketing

Steve Doyscher,
Director of Digital Marketing

An eye for design and a brain for analytics and coding — skills not often found at once — are all wrapped up in Steve Doyscher. Armed with 10+ years experience in all things digital marketing, Steve is sure to continually raise our online bar. And, who knows, his position as a lead singer in a band might even come in handy during office breaks. His choice tune: Big Guns by Skid Row.

Director of Client Services for luxury real estate auction company

Sarena Irwin,
Director of Client Services

It’s true what they say – once in real estate, always in real estate. Sarena is a testament to that. Having sold luxury real estate in Sarasota, Fla., for nine years, and now with Concierge, Sarena already knows her calling and is not afraid to say it. When she’s not working at the best place on earth, Sarena is likely practicing her bow and warrior poses in yoga.

Nick Leonard,
Director of Client Services

If Nick is suspiciously not present at a business meeting, you’ll likely find him at an Oregon football game. He enjoys coaching and football (in case you missed that), doesn’t appreciate being called “Leno,” and has a soft spot for a poodle named Pee Wee. He takes great pride in working at Concierge and in being able to make up his own songs in the shower.

Christine Boss - Sales manager, real estate auction company

Christine Wilhelm,
Director of Client Services

When Christine isn’t busy landing assignments, she’s probably perfecting her swing on the golf course. She’s got chops not only from her years playing golf in college, but also as a national and local Account Executive for Clear Channel. She’s most likely to stop and take in the pictures of the amazing properties we get to work with.

Susan Burke,
Project Sales Manager

Don’t let this sweet little blondie fool you; Susan is all kinds of tough. Raised with three brothers, she graduated from the school of hard knocks (prior to her MBA) and has a garage full of tools that she knows how to use. She’s not only great to have around when your roof is leaking but also if you’re in a crisis or just need some spoiling — Susan has a kind heart and is always willing to lend a hand.

Jack Hoyt,
Project Sales Manager

From clean waves to deep powder, Jack enjoys an active lifestyle. Planning a mountaintop weekend in Vail or a private sail in Tahiti? Jack’s in (after a quick packed bag and a kiss to his family goldendoodle, Cookie)! He’s never been accused of not following his heart, and his favorite words are ones we should all live by: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Sandy Lambright,
Project Sales Manager

“Sandy Pants” Lambright has worked in the real estate industry since she was 17 and purchased her first house at the ripe age of 22. Yes, this biz is in her blood. She’s not only a people person but also a self-proclaimed nerd, with a degree in IT, and loves staying healthy and fit — can’t you just hear the Def Leppard blaring from her headphones?

Katie Lawless - Project Sales Manager for Luxury real estate auction company

Katie Lawless,
Client Services Manager

Despite her amazing last name, Katie “Lawless” is anything but criminal. In fact, Katie’s passion for kids and charity work led her to be part of a team in college that raised $1.2 million for Children’s Miracle Network. Her love of travel and awesome people led her to Concierge Auctions after a stint working on a Lifetime Television Network show. (She won’t tell us which one.)

Frank Martorano - Project Sales Manager for Luxury real estate auction company

Frank Martorano,
Project Sales Manager

Frank’s favorite singing tune, “Let It Be”, reflects his easy-going style. He’s been in the real estate biz since he was 20 and is a perfect example of how listening and relating are keys to success. He enjoys meeting new people and helping to accomplish their goals — one auction at a time. After each, his ideal celebration: dinner at the closest famed diner, drive-in or dive ala Guy Fieri. Mmm…

Sales manager for real estate auction company Concierge Auctions

Danny Prell,
Project Sales Manager

A kid at heart and a driven businessman, Danny’s not sure what gives him more of an adrenaline rush: a speedy power boat ride or closing a deal. He’s a perfect fit for our front lines, with a storied real estate and construction background, an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for effective communication. And, with a nickname of “Lucky”, who wouldn’t want to hang around him?

Sales manager for real estate auction company Concierge Auctions

Daniele Smith,
Project Sales Manager

A love of travel, new experiences and natural landscapes of mountains and ocean made Daniele’s decision to join Concierge easy. She’s worked in real estate auctions for six years and is still 100% engaged in the industry. When she’s not happy at work, she’s likely heading to England or Montana.


Erin Struxness,
Project Sales Manager

Erin “the Extender” Struxness isn’t shy about her love for Justin Bieber. The Biebs complements her passionate spirit. With a background in sales and over 18 years in real estate, Erin’s passion and experience certainly brightens our world.

Orlando Vargas,
Project Sales Manager

A self-proclaimed numbers geek, Orlando “Big O” Vargas’ favorite subjects in college were finance and economics. He bought his first home when he was only 21, but don’t be fooled into thinking he grew up to soon. To the contrary, he plans to always be a kid at heart. His daydream escape: Hanging at the beach with reggae music in the air.


Jessica Block,
Graphic Designer

Our dear Jessica was once part of the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16. So what if it was as the mascot? That’s still one of the coolest past gigs under the Concierge team’s belt. “Jblock” is super creative. When she’s not rocking pixels for us at Concierge, she enjoys printmaking, refinishing old furniture and creating fine art.

Adam Bradshaw - real estate auction company database manager

Adam Bradshaw,
Client Services Manager

Despite his moniker, Adam “AB” Bradshaw is not the king of A/B testing. Rather, he’s a 15-year golf industry veteran who’s now loving work in the real estate industry. If you really want to get Adam’s attention, ask him to discuss a few characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Jacob Cantele - Technical Project Manager for Concierge Auctions luxury real estate auction company

Jacob Cantele,
Chief Technology Officer

Jacob’s passion for travel has taken him to 16 different countries around the world. His career has driven him from running help desk support for an offshore construction company to IT to web development. Jacob values innovation and a constant shift toward something new – something we have in common.

Charlotte English,
Marketing Coordinator

Once you get to know Charlotte, watch out. She’s the self-proclaimed world’s biggest prankster. This little “Cha Cha” is a constant smile on our marketing team, perhaps in part due to her morning wake-up routine of blaring Shakira music in the shower. She’s up for any challenge — except math — and daydreams of soaking up the sun in a vacation home in Santorini, Greece.


Katie McMains,
Director of Events

Still traumatized from a few times working at Parker School Uniforms when she had to tell a mom that her child needed the husky size, Katie thankfully doesn’t let it affect her work. She’s still on the lookout for her first home, loves the people she works with and hesitates to tell us that she’s a natural blonde.

Jenny Morgan,
Marketing Account Manager

Watch out for Jenny, because there’s no doubt she’s watching you. Yes, her skills in observation are stealth and make her extra-smooth at managing our marketing team and delivering the utmost, tailored service our clients deserve. Although Jenny was once afraid to take her first job, she now enjoys being busy and will probably end up being a cashier at Home Depot when she’s 75.

Emily Pryor graphic designer

Emily Pryor,
Graphic Designer

“Ems” Pryor has mad design skills, “and they’re multiplyin’…”, as her knack for completing phrases with song tunes would say. And her skills extend past the computer to book binding, gardening, blackjack, and even archery (she was scouted for the Olympics at age 12 — watch out Katniss!). Emily’s future goals: to be happy, successful, and humble; no doubt with her Dalmatian, Todd, by her side.

Nino Capobianco - luxury real estate auction attorney

Anthony Capobianco,
Legal Counsel

When he’s not keeping us in good legal standing, Anthony “Nino” Capobianco dreams often of Italy and spending time with friends and family. Anthony’s career path took him from paperboy to financial consultant to one of the youngest partners at a major international law firm. Lucky for us, he ended up starting his own firm and is privileged to name Concierge Auctions as a client.

Scott Haws,

Our favorite on-camera face, Scott’s tagline “Welcome to …. ” (with a corresponding, swift turn of his arm), has become a mainstay on our video channel. This warm-hearted father of five plays the part to bring our auction properties to life: fishing, golfing, and even waterfall-jumping to showcase the lifestyles of each listing. What fun!

Matt Rollins,

A video marketing guru with 17 years of experience, on any given day Matt can be found traversing the globe in pursuit of the best stories and shots about all things Concierge. And when he takes a break, his choice vacation: Disneyland with the family. What a softie! Matt’s doing exactly what he wanted to do “when he grew up”, and we’re excited to be along for the ride.


Charlie Smith,
European Advisor

An agent for more than 20 years, Charlie joins LREA as a founding partner from being the Managing Director of Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. He has a skill and understanding of real estate across the UK and most major international markets, and a desire to build a real estate practice built on the very best service, with exemplary contacts, sound advice and a thorough understanding of private client culture.

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