Paradise found. Your own private South Pacific island retreat in Fiji. A luxury island estate so private, so magnificent it’s sought after by titans of industry and A-list celebrities as a honeymoon hideaway. Here lies Lawedua, a Balinese-themed sanctuary offering every luxury possible in the tropics, in one of the most exclusive places in the world. Residence 1 with guest bure: Currently listed for $12.99M. Residence 2 with guest bure: Currently listed for $6.99M. Selling Without Reserve — either separately or together — on February 7th.

Secluded Sanctuary

Named after the rare long-tailed birds that soar around the island, Lawedua, pronounced (La-wen-doo-ah), is one of only five homes on the island of Wakaya, the crown jewel of the 333 islands that comprise the Fiji archipelago. Perched 150 feet above a powdery white sand private beach, Lawedua offers unforgettable views of the Koro Sea and its turquoise lagoons. Surrounded by a barrier reef designated as a protected marine reserve, the island offers some of the best snorkeling and diving in the South Pacific.

With the estate’s combination of sumptuous tropical living and exclusive seclusion, it’s little surprise that world travellers, such as Bill Gates, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jim Carrey, and Celine Dion have sought out this elegant home for their romantic honeymoons or that it’s been fetured on the cover of Architectural Digest.

The late Geoffrey Bawa, a renowned Sri Lankan architect, designed Lawedua. One of the most influential architects in Asia during the past century, Bawa is widely credited with creating the design concept of “tropical modernism”, which blends the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. A master builder, Bawa was known for fusing colonial architecture with modern clean lines and open spaces in houses specifically created to accommodate tropical climates.

Linda Garland, renowned interior designer and bamboo expert, designed the home’s grand interior. Exotic, yet durable, bamboo is featured throughout the home in both matted walls and vaulted ceilings.

Lawedua’s landscape artist was famed “Made Wijaya”, who designs Aman Resorts’ worldwide landscape design.

Paradise Found

Sitting atop a volcanic peninsula overlooking Marau Bay, Lawedua was purposely designed to look as if it was born from the land. Keeping within Balinese style, the property is configured as a compound with two residences with guest bures.

Enter the grounds through the massive copper gate sculpted by acclaimed Indonesian artist Pinto Sirait, and inhale the fragrant tropical flowers in the lush landscaped gardens that surround you. 
Meander down the natural pathway to the main bure, or cottage.

The A-frame main house features a spacious 
kitchen with a large great room that extends out to a covered west-facing veranda. Sit on one of the oversized luxurious sofas handcrafted from bamboo as you gaze across the ocean to nearby islands and watch the dazzling colors of a Fijian sunset.

Exclusive Island Enclave

A dining pavilion and separate bathroom are 
adjacent to the main house. The master bedroom and a guest bedroom are ensconced in separate bures just a short walk through volcanic rock gardens. Like every room on the property, each bedroom suite offers astounding ocean views. The bedrooms also feature ceiling fans, air 
conditioning, a refrigerator and separate day bed.

The Fijian pine posts in the master bedroom accentuate the height of the soaring ceilings while also providing structural support. Ethereal white fabric from the island of Suva drapes from the tall posts. Combined with panoramic view of aquamarine waters and neighboring islands, one has the sense that the master bed is floating above the ocean.

As you step into the large master bathroom, your attention is drawn to the open-air rock wall shower adorned with tropical plants and tiled with slate from New Zealand. Or soothe your senses in a bath in the separate full bathtub with expansive views of the bay.

Antiques and decorative items from 20 
different South Pacific islands grace the walls and rooms of the luxurious property, giving it an 
elegant, yet relaxed feel. Stroll among the 
various rooms of the compound and you’ll see antique Balinese baskets in the great room, 
delicate Javanese batik sarongs on display in the master bedroom, and a statue from 
Thailand gracing the kitchen.

Get Lost

Continue strolling through the tropical gardens and you’ll reach the guest bures, each with two bedrooms, and the second residence, which features another spacious great room, as well as a garage.

A trio of double doors overlooking Marau Bay and Koro Sea provides each of the bedrooms in the home with stunning ocean views.

While one has a sense of being secluded from the rest of the world in this majestic setting, the property was built with 21st century technology seamlessly woven into the house. An integrated Bose sound and theater system is cleverly concealed in the great room of the main and guesthouses, while energy efficient appliances are featured in the kitchen.

About the Area

Wakaya Club and Spa

Just steps away from Lawedua lies the ultra exclusive Wakaya Club and Spa, a luxury private island resort with sophisticated five-star 
cuisine and exceptional opportunities for golf and tennis. Privacy is highly valued on this remote 2,200-acre island, which has its own private airstrip. Only guests at one of the resorts 10 bures, or cottages, and the 
island’s four property owners and their guests are allowed to access the island by private plane or boat.

Wakaya Island, Fiji

Fijian legend says that in the beginning there was no land. There was only the sea, and the sea was everywhere. A tiny dot of an island in the midst of the South Pacific, Wakaya lies in the heart of Fiji, a nation made up of 333 islands located 1,500 miles from the coast of Australia. Only 100 are inhabited. Wakaya — one of the world’s top 10 best spots for scuba diving — is approximately five miles long by one and a half miles wide, set in the Koro Sea due east of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Because of its remoteness from industrial pollution, Wakaya boasts one of the purest ecosystems in the world.

Sitting outside in the silence of the night gives the feeling of being one with nature. You may be quiet, but the world around you is clearly alive. The island has thousands of deer and domesticated pigs, hundreds of goats, scores of birds and other wildlife. Their calls, hooves, and rustling fills the night air

David Gilmore, who purchased the island in 1973, built a village with homes for employees within the Wayaka Club. Robust with a beautiful church and community, church services are held in English and everyone is invited to attend, which gives one a great feel for the local cultures. The island has become a symbiotic mix of local and international community members, both with a shared desired to preserve Wakaya’s delicate but thriving ecology.

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