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Marketing Real Estate to the 5 Senses

chocolate desert used in marketing real estate property

Viewing pictures of a home online. Looking at homes on a real estate company Facebook page. Seeing a piece of luxury real estate in person. The majority of buyers use the sense of sight as their first foray into a new property. So, it stands to reason that traditional real estate marketing and sales is focused on the sense of sight. This year at The Key, speaker Marc Davison of 1000 Watt Consulting urged everyone to ‘look’ further when marketing and selling luxury homes. And to ‘look’ further when setting a luxury brand apart from the competition. “Brands appeal to…


Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank: 7 Tips for Real Estate Success

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank speaks on real estate success from The Key luxury real estate conference

Not many people have been as successful in business and entrepreneurship as Barbara Corcoran. She started her first real estate company at 20 and grew one of the biggest brokerages in New York City (The Corcoran Group) before selling it for a whopping $66 million. Today, Barbara stars on one of television’s hottest shows, ABC’s Shark Tank, where she has invested in more than a dozen business start-ups. She serves as a real estate expert on the Today Show and various other news programs and is also a columnist, book author, wife and mother. The list goes on. For all…


Putting on a Real Estate Event: Insights from The Key 2013

Save the date invite for real estate event in Scottsdale

They came. They saw. They learned about luxury real estate for three days. And the insights thus far are that The Key 2013 was a smashing success. Last year, The Key was in Las Vegas, and the theme was Showtime! This year it was quite different. Our annual luxury real estate event took place at The Four Seasons in Scottsdale. And the theme was Revv Up! It included over 100 of the top luxury realtors in the nation and several all-star speakers. This is what made it special. The Theme: Real estate events are kind of our thing. We plan…


6 Luxury Real Estate Trends for 2014: Lessons from The Key

The Key 2014 luxury real estate conference

Entrepreneurship. Branding. Marketing. And of course luxury real estate auctions. Those were the themes of The Key 2013 this year in Scottsdale. The Key is our annual luxury real estate forum. High-end agents and real estate pros from across the United States and the world come to network, learn, and have fun. And this year at The Four Seasons in Scottsdale was no exception. I for one met lots of important people in the luxury real estate sphere, learned a lot through networking and through the speakers, and enjoyed every minute of it. The Key is a chance to look…